For entrepreneurs that are making a presentation to an angel investors, you will need to avoid the common mistakes that can cost you their support.
A presentation for angel investor does not need to be a pure sales pitch nor a droning rundown of data and obscure information. You will need to find the right tone in order to create a bond with them.

Here are a few tips that will help you sharpen your pitch so that you can land the services of an angel investor.

Connect with a Personal Story

Stories are by their nature simple, powerful ways to connect emotionally with this type of investor. How you started out your journey and the sacrifices made will help paint a positive picture of why you need their assistance. You don’t have to be overly dramatic, just tell your story in positive way so that you can make the connection.

Present your Story Visually

They say a picture is worth a thousand words and using images can reinforce your presentation for angle investor. When you consider that we think in images, presenting just a few photos will help engrain your story into the investor’s mind. It is a known fact that images are far more likely to be retained than just words, so find a few appropriate photos to really make your story sell.

Use Charts, Graphs and Tables for the Details

You will naturally need to present the little details, percentages and other minutia that is part of your pitch. So, use interesting graphs, tables and charts that the investor can see instead of having to hear it all from you. Of course, you can point out the different percentages and other detailed information, but presenting the information visually can really get to the point of your presentation.

Be Passionate

Your presentation will have to include your passion to help you succeed. In order for anyone to fully succeed with their business, they need the drive to accomplish their goals. An angel investor will want to see that in you. You do not have to be demonstrable in your presentation about how passionate you are, but you will need to show something beyond just saying how you feel.

Show How Your Efforts Address a Need

This is how you should wrap up your presentation by demonstrating the need for what you are trying to accomplish. All businesses, projects and endeavors have a goal which not only propels the owner and investor to success, but also how it helps others in what they are doing. This will broaden the emotional impact of your presentation for angel investor and humanize your endeavor.

Overall, if you hit the right notes then you will maximize your chances of impressing the angel investor to the point of having them push your project forward. Remember to keep it to the important points and be as succinct as possible without skimping on the important details. If you can do that, then you just may have an angel investor at your side.

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